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School Attendance




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School attendance and good cause must be verified at each application and review.If there is a school attendance activity on the AUís Personal Responsibility Plan, this must also be addressed at the anticipated completion date on the Plan.


Verification is primarily the responsibility of the caretaker except when the information is already known to the Department or when it is more reasonable for the caseworker to obtain the needed information.For example, in some counties, the Board of Education or the school system may work out an arrangement for the Department to obtain school attendance verification to facilitate access to the needed information.In this case it would be more reasonable for the caseworker to obtain the verification of school attendance.


School attendance will be verified by school records.Illness or a severe physical or mental handicap that prohibits school attendance will be verified by a statement from the childís physician or other medical records.If the child claims good cause because of suspension, both suspension and the lack of an alternative school must be verified by the Department of Education or school.Court records can be used to verify removal of the child from the school by the court.



Table of Contents