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Families First Online Policy Manual

Child Support Cooperation




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If the caseworker learns that the AU is retaining support payments, he/she will notify Child Support (IV-D) using the Shared Based document, IV-D Recovery Retained Support.  If IV-D discovers that the AU is retaining support payments, they will notify the caseworker. 


In either instance, the child support will be used to determine if the AU continues to be eligible when the income is included in a prospective budget.  If the AU is ineligible for Families First benefits with the child support included, the Families First case must be closed after the adverse action period.  If the AU continues to be eligible, the Budget Effective Date on the absent parent screens will prevent the income from being counted in the ongoing Families First and Food Stamp budgets.


Recovery of the retained child support is the responsibility of IV-D and the individual will be required to sign a repayment agreement.  If the individual refuses to cooperate with IV-D either in establishing a repayment agreement or in continuing to refuse to assign support, the caseworker will apply the appropriate sanction to the AU.



Table of Contents