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Work Requirements




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Once the caseworker determines a client to have a work requirement he/she is assigned to a client representative.  The client representative is responsible for providing a Families First Orientation and facilitates the signing of the PRP.  The client representative approves the case once the PRP is signed.  He/she then refers the client to a Families First work activity contractor for placement in work activities. 


It is the responsibility of the Families First work activity contractor to complete the client’s Individualized Career Plan, place the client in activities and monitor the client’s participation in those activities.  It is the contractors’ responsibility to monitor placement, attendance, absences, progress, and completion.  It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide all support services with the exception of child care.  The contractor may also refer clients to FSC as needed.


NOTE: Minor parents in high school will be referred to a client rep for case management.  They will not be referred to a contractor unless they choose (in the case of a minor parent caretaker) to do a 30 hour work activity in lieu of high school or an equivalent program or unless they need support services.  Bulletin 15, FA-08-11



Table of Contents