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Verifications are the responsibility of the participant except when the information is already known to DHS or when access to the information is more easily obtained by the client representative. 




·        Employment for any members working, including the number of hours and wages.


·        Age for all individuals 65 or over.


·        Age for minor parents.


·        Any exemption or good cause claimed by the participant resulting from a conciliation process.


·        Birth of a child within the last 16 weeks for a two parent household and within the last year for a single parent household. Bulletin 20, FA-10-09


·        Parent or caretaker relative needed in the home to care for a related child or adult in the home.  (A statement from the individual’s doctor confirming that the participant is needed in the home to provide care for the relative is sufficient). Bulletin 37, FA-08-28


·        An incapacitating condition exists for any member claiming such an exemption.  (Follow directions for determining incapacity found in the Deprivation chapter).


·        Disability claim by providing one of the following:


         Receipt of SSI under Title XVI of the Social Security Act or disability or blindness benefits under Titles I, II, X, XIV or XVI of the Social Security Act.

         Receipt of interim or presumptive assistance benefits pending the receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

         Receipt of federal or state administered supplemental benefits under sections 212 (a) of Public Law 93-66.

         Receipt of disability retirement benefits from a governmental agency because of a disability considered permanent under section 221(I) of the Social Security Act.

         Receipt of VA benefits for a service or non-service connected disability rated or paid as total disability, or is considered by VA standards to be in need of regular aid and attendance, or considered permanently housebound.

         Receipt of VA benefits by a surviving spouse of a veteran and entitled to VA compensation due to the spouse’s service connected death, or VA pension benefits for a non-service connected death and has a disability considered permanent under the Social Security Act.  Entitled means the individual is receiving or has been approved for the benefits.

         Receipt of an annuity payment under section 2(a)(1)(iv) of the Railroad Retirement Act of 1994 and is determined to be eligible to receive Medicare by the Railroad Retirement Board.

         Receipt of Railroad Retirement disability annuity under section 2(a)(I)(v) of the Railroad Retirement Act of 1984 and is determined to be disabled based on the criteria used under title XIV of the Social Security Act (SSI).

         Receipt of a disability-related medical assistance payment under title XIX (Medicaid).



Table of Contents