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Only the following Non-Core activities are countable PRP activities. They are limited to a total of 10 hours per week.


        Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment is defined as training which enables participants to obtain or perform a specific job or type of job. It may be job specific or general training and can include literacy or language instruction. This includes Post- Secondary Education defined as enrollment in an accredited post-secondary program if the individual has exhausted the Vocational Educational training limit of 12-months. Supervised homework/study time and one hour of unsupervised homework/study time for each hour of class time will be countable toward educational training hours. Supervised homework/study time must be verified and documented to be countable. The total countable homework/study time may not exceed the hours required or advised by the educational program.


        Adult Education is defined as courses provided though a certified institution. It may include courses designed to provide knowledge and skills for a specific occupation or work setting, adult basic education or English as Second Language courses. This activity also applies to attendance at a secondary school or GED course for those who do not have a high school diploma or the equivalent.



Table of Contents