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Work Requirements




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An adult or minor parent caretaker is exempt from the work requirement when he/she is:


        A child only caretaker.


        The caretaker is 65 years old or older.


Note: Caretakers who are 60 to 64 years old as of July 1, 2007 may be treated for the purpose of exempt status as though they were 65 or older. However, if the case is closed, they will lose this status upon reapplication and will have a work requirement, unless exempt for a reason other than this exception.




          Caring for an infant less than 1 year of age (single parent) Bulletin 20, FA-10-09


        Caring for an infant less than 16 weeks of age (two parent household) 1


Note: For a two parent household, only one parent can be exempted to stay home with the infant until 16 weeks of age.


        Caring for an in-home disabled individual. Bulletin 37, FA-08-28


        Temporarily incapacitated.


         When an individual makes a claim of incapacity, follow the same process used to determine incapacity for deprivation purposes (Refer to the Deprivation chapter).

         Pregnancy is not an automatic incapacity. However, pregnancy may cause a temporary incapacity due to medical problems (see the Good Cause section of this chapter).

         Both applicants and recipients will be exempt from the work requirement while awaiting an incapacity decision.


Some individuals are mandatory AU members who are not included in the grant calculation. However, unless they meet other exemption criteria, they are not exempt from the work requirement because of their mandatory status. These individuals will most often have a mandatory AU status because they are the parent(s) of an AU child. These individuals are:


        Ineligible aliens who have a US work permit.


        Convicted drug felons (convicted after 8/22/1996).


        Fleeing felons.


        Probation/parole violators.


        Disqualified individuals.


Note: Because it is illegal for illegal aliens to work, they do not have a work requirement.


Note: Individuals who home school their children are not exempt from the work requirement nor can this home schooling be an activity on their Personal Responsibility Plan.



Table of Contents