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Time Limits




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Verifications must be provided:


        To establish a good cause extension reason such as disability or incapacity, proof of the individualís disability or incapacity must be provided by the client unless the information is available to the caseworker through an alternative source such as SDX.If a caretaker claims incapacity, the AUís time count will be extended while the incapacity is explored.


        To establish a good cause extension for caring for a disabled relative living in the home, proof must be from a qualified physician or other health care professional and must indicate that in-home care is required.Determine if there are other family members in the home who provide or could provide the care.


          To establish whether a disabled in-home relative requires in-home care.Bulletin 37, FA-08-28


        To establish an extension due to age.The caretaker must have proof that he/she is age 65 or older.Verification can be taken from any document that validates the age or provides supporting evidence that the individual is at least age 65.


        To establish an extension due to a significant life crisis.


        To establish months of TANF in another state or territory.



Table of Contents