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Client reps will refer to the case record documentation for the results of the initial screening tool used at application.  With the results of this screening in mind, the client rep will ask the client if he/she would like to answer some additional questions to help determine if accommodations are needed for the client to effectively participate in the program.  The prescribed screening tool poses questions affecting three areas:


·        Learning disabilities

·        Physical/Mental disabilities

·        Disabilities of a family member


Client reps will complete the voluntary screening prior to the work activity contractor referral.


Both applicants with a work requirement and those who are exempt, but wish to volunteer, will be screened.  In addition, the work activity contractor may request a screening for a current client if the client indicates the need for an accommodation.  The work activity contractor may also request a subsequent screening for a current client at any time if the client indicates the need for an accommodation or if the client’s circumstances have changed since the original meeting with the client rep.   The client may request a screening at any time, as well.  Bulletin 14, FA-08-10



Table of Contents