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As mentioned previously, any consultation needed following the client repís screening will be provided by the State Office Accommodations Specialist.The purpose of this consultation is twofold:


1.      To assist in determining if, in fact, an ADA-covered disability exists.

2.      To assist in determining what, if any, accommodation is needed for the individual to successfully participate in Families First. Bulletin 9, FA-09-08




        A client is legally blind without a pair of glasses.The individual breaks her glasses.  A reasonable accommodation for her to successfully participate in Families First would be for the contractor to purchase the individual a new pair of glasses.


        A client has asthma.The contractor has two placement options for the client to participate in community service, one which requires physical exertion that could aggravate the condition and another that does not.  If the asthma cannot be adequately controlled by medication, the contractor should refer the client to the placement that does not require physical strain.


        See other examples of accommodations under the Families First Reasonable Accommodations Requirements heading in this chapter.


If the work activity contractor is unable to make a reasonable accommodation determination, they may request a screening by the client rep and consultation by the State Office.All requests for accommodations or determination of accommodations made by the contractor must be fully documented in the electronic case record and in the contractorís client record (Refer to ADA Verification/Documentation section).Bulletin 9, FA-09-08


The client will not have a work requirement (and therefore not be referred to the work activity contractor) while the State Office is assisting in making an accommodation decision.The State Office Accommodations Specialist will have ten business days to respond to the county office.Bulletin 9, FA-09-08


Exception: The client may volunteer to participate in activities during the assessment.



Table of Contents