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Based on the State Office consultation, it may be determined that:   Bulletin 9, FA-09-08            


·        Specific activities are inappropriate for the individual.

·        Specific types of accommodations are needed in order for the individual to fully participate in the program.  This can include “good cause” as an accommodation.

·        An ADA-covered disability does not exist.

·        Accommodations cannot reasonably be provided.

·        A MEU incapacity (and TALS referral for SSI application assistance) or Voc Rehab evaluation is recommended. 


Note:  The specific types of accommodations referred to in the 2nd bullet above may include, but not be limited to, a different activity type that accommodates the individual’s needs, a different activity site, or a specific support service or type of training.  Accommodations will be determined on a case-by-case basis dependent upon the client’s individual needs.


Following the consultation by the State Office, this information will be provided by email to the client representative.     Bulletin 9, FA-09-08


The client representative will be responsible for notifying the work activity contractor of any required accommodations and for monitoring the contractor’s compliance with the requested accommodations.  If the client disagrees with the outcome of the consultation, complaints should be submitted to: Bulletin 9, FA-09-08


Compliance Officer

Citizens Plaza Bldg. - 15th Floor

400 Deaderick Street

Nashville, TN  37243


Note:  Refer to the discussion under the ADA Decision Notices to Clients section.



Table of Contents