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When a client discloses a known disability that affects or may affect participation in work activities or compliance with other program requirements, DHS staff and contractors must ask the individual to submit any existing documentation of the disability, and its effect on his/her ability to function, to the agency/contractor. 


Caseworkers and client reps must keep in mind that it is a requirement to ask whether their clients need assistance in obtaining verification, and document that such inquiry was made.  If the individual needs assistance in obtaining verification as a reasonable accommodation, assistance must be provided within reason. 


DHS staff will assist in obtaining information that is available to the agency or when it is more practical for the agency to obtain the information.  The DHS staff person or contractor must also document information about the disability and accommodations including:


·        The type of disability.


·        How it affects the client’s ability to comply with program requirements.


·        What accommodations were requested and provided.


·        The reason for a denial of any accommodations.


When documenting the above information, enter it at the beginning of the case summary screen for the date being recorded, so that the information can be more easily located



Table of Contents