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Authorization of Grants




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Certain Families First AUs, with one to five individuals, are eligible for larger Families First grant amounts.  These increased grant amounts are called differential grants. 


The following AUs will receive differential grants:


·        Child only cases: cases in which the non-parental caretaker is not included in the AU and SSI caretaker cases; these are cases where the caretaker is an “NA”.


·        Disabled caretakers: caretaker has a medically verified disability (not an incapacity) - refer to the verification section of the Work Requirements Chapter for definitions of which persons fall under the disabled category.


·        Caretakers caring for a disabled relative living in the home. 


·        Caretakers age 60 and older.


Exception: AUs are not eligible for a differential when the caretaker is:


·        An NA because he/she is an illegal alien.


·        A minor parent.


The caseworker must enter the correct exemption codes in the Eligibility and case management system to ensure that the system will properly compute the differential grant amount.



Table of Contents