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Families First Online Policy Manual

Child Care




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Families First participants who are employed or in a paid work activity and need assistance with child care have two options.  They may choose:


·        Child care paid by DHS directly to the provider.


·        A child care deduction used in the Families First budget for the cost of care.


The DHS caseworker will explain these options to the participant and determine which method of meeting child care expenses is to the participant’s advantage.  The maximum child care disregard per child is:


·        $200.00 per month for children under two years of age.


·        $175.00 per month for children two years of age and older.


The disregard cannot be given in the same month that a direct child care payment is paid by DHS.  If the caretaker has received a disregard, payment for child care will begin the month following the removal of the disregard.



Table of Contents