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There are two types of At Risk Child Care Assistance


1.      At Risk Child Care (ACC) Following TCC Expiration


TCC recipients whose 18-month period of TCC eligibility ends may receive an additional 6 months of child care assistance under the AT-Risk program.  These individuals must continue to meet all TCC qualifications.  Bulletin 30, FA-11-19  


Note:  The ACC program ended effective May 1, 2011.  Those individuals, whose TCC eligibility ended 4/30/11, will be potentially eligible for ACC until the end of the sixth month following the expiration of their TCC.  Individuals, who were already qualified and receiving ACC child care assistance as of 5/1/11 or before, will be able to continue their child care as long as they continue to qualify and their benefits are not terminated.  If benefits are terminated May 1, 2011 or later, the individual will be unable to reapply.  No new individuals can be enrolled after April 30, 2011.  Bulletin 30, FA-11-19


See NOTE on page 33.2 (Bulletin 28, FA-11-17).


2.      At-Risk Child-Only (ARCO)


This type of child care is available to Families First child-only assistance units.


·        ARCO caretakers must meet TCC qualifications.

·        Child Care certificate agencies will determine ARCO eligibility.

·        ARCO caretakers will be eligible as long as they meet eligibility criteria and funding remains available.

·        Child Care certificates will be issued for a six-month period at which time continued eligibility will be reviewed.

·        ARCO caretakers must pay a parent fee (co-pay) based on their income.

·        Eligibility for ARCO child care will begin effective the date of the interview with the child care certificate agency.

·        SSI child-only caretakers may receive ARCO child care IF they meet the qualifications.

·        Child-only caretakers who are eligible adults in another Families First assistance unit will not be eligible for ARCO.  They will receive their child care through the Families First program if they meet Families First requirements.



Table of Contents