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Sanctions are applied to Families First assistance units when the AU has not complied with the Personal Responsibility Plan and good cause does not exist for the non-compliance reason.


While a sanction is sometimes appropriate or necessary, the caseworker/client rep should work with the Families First recipient to avoid sanctions.Sanctions not only limit the individualís ability to benefit from the Personal Responsibility Plan, but can also impact the AUís Families First cash payment.Every effort to explain the requirements and options to the client should be made, as a clear understanding of program requirements can prevent acts of non-compliance.


When it is obvious that an individual is not meeting a PRP requirement, it is the caseworker/client repís responsibility to pursue the reason for non-compliance and evaluate possible good cause reasons for the non-compliance.Skillful interviewing and good case management practices can help the individual overcome the current reasons for non-compliance and prevent acts of non-compliance in the future.††


Sanctions are applied to Families First assistance units for the following reasons:


        Failure to cooperate with work requirements.


        Voluntary termination of employment (voluntary quit).


        Failure to cooperate with Child Support.


        Failure of the minor parent to attend school.


        Failure of other AU children to attend school.


        Failure of the AU children to have immunizations and/or health checks.



Table of Contents