Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

Interviewing for Eligibility




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The interview:


        Helps the client gain an understanding of the Department and its programs, clarifies questions about eligibility, and provides an opportunity to present information in his/her own words.


        Permits an opportunity to gather information needed to determine eligibility in an organized fashion and to assist the client in requesting a better understanding of the requirements of the program.


        Permits the Families First client an opportunity to communicate goals and to request supportive services needed to move to self-sufficiency.


        Gives the caseworker an opportunity to discuss goals and specific needs of the client that will help the family move to self-sufficiency.


        Provides the opportunity to discuss the client's rights and responsibilities.


        Provides an opportunity to discuss other resources that may be of assistance to the client.


        Provides the caseworker with the information needed to determine which one of the four paths through the program is most appropriate for the family.



Table of Contents