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Interviewing for Eligibility




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Initiate case closure for failure to cooperate when the AU fails, without good cause, to provide requested information needed to establish eligibility for assistance.  If the AU fails to comply with a written request for information or completion of specific action, send a 10-day adverse action notice.  If the AU complies prior to the expiration of the 10-day notice requirement, assistance will be continued if eligibility is re-established.


An application will be denied for failure without good cause to provide requested information prior to the 45-day time limit.  The case record must be documented to show that the information was requested in writing from the applicant and that the information was not available or could not be readily made available to the agency.



The Families First client has the primary responsibility for obtaining required verification; however, the Department must assist the individual when a good faith effort has been made and difficulties encountered.  The Department will rely on automated verification, such as data exchange matches, whenever possible.  Obviously, if the information is readily available to the Department, the client should not be requested to obtain the verification.  In any instances where the client is having difficulty obtaining the information, the Department must offer assistance in securing the verification.  When it becomes known to the Department that a client has a disability which is causing difficulty in providing verification, the Department will assist the individual as indicated.  The assistance could include, for example, providing the individual a reasonable means of communication or soliciting the required verification document directly.


If the applicant notifies the Department that he/she is unable to provide the information within the 45-day time limit, the Department will attempt to obtain the needed information.  If neither the Department nor the client can obtain the information, accept the client’s statement as verification.


If an applicant is denied prior to the 45th day for loss of contact and returns before the 45th day to provide the required verifications,  protect the original application date and provide retroactive benefits back to the application date or the eligibility date (if later than the application date).



Table of Contents