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Families First Online Policy Manual





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Diversion recipients may qualify for Families First during the one-year ineligibility period only if:


·        The receipt of Families First would prevent a child from being removed from the home by the Department of Children Services.


·        Assistance would prevent the family from becoming homeless (defined as living in a shelter, car, or hotel).


·        The caretaker has become disabled or incapacitated according to families First work exemption policy.


·        The caretaker has the responsibility of caring for an in-home disabled relative.  Bulletin 37, FA-08-28        


·        There is an immediate threat of domestic violence.


Diversion recipients, who return within the “ineligibility period” and qualify for assistance, are not required to repay their Diversion benefits, and no months are added to their lifetime count.  Re-entry during the period of ineligibility must be approved by a Families First Supervisor.



Table of Contents