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Families First Online Policy Manual

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Policy statement


A Families First assistance unit may consist of a pregnant woman only when:


        There are no living eligible children in the home.


        It is medically verified that the woman is at least in her sixth month of pregnancy.


        The woman and child (if born) would meet all other eligibility criteria (i.e., the unborn is deprived of parental support, etc.).


        The pregnant woman is not a minor whose parent is in the home and is receiving Families First for the pregnant minorís sibling(s).


The pregnant woman must have a Personal Responsibility Plan, including a work activity unless exempt.Pregnancy does not exempt the woman from work; however, conditions associated with her pregnancy may cause a temporary incapacity which would exempt her from work.




The pregnancy must be verified by:


        A statement of a licensed physician or osteopath.


        A statement by medical personnel in a public health clinic or an in-patient hospital clinic.


The verification must include:


        Verification of pregnancy.


        Estimated date of conception.


        The current estimated month of pregnancy.


        The signature of the person who provided the verification including the name, and/or location of the clinic, doctorís office, etc.




The eligibility and case management system record should contain documentation and verification of the pregnancy and the anticipated day of birth.




        Authorize a medical examination for any woman who cannot secure verification of her pregnancy.


        If the woman is receiving Medicaid as a pregnant woman, she must complete an application for Families First as she approaches the 6th month of pregnancy.


        Complete the Personal Responsibility Plan, including the work activity, at the time of the application for cash benefits.


        If eligible, authorize the benefits for a one-person-only cash payment.


        Terminate Families First if the pregnant woman aborts, miscarries, surrenders the child for adoption, or if the child is placed in foster care when born.



Table of Contents