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Mandatory AU members include:


        The dependent child.


        The technically eligible whole, half, or adopted siblings of the dependent child.


        The technically eligible parent(s), including an incapacitated parent or an unemployed parent, living in the home with the dependent child.


        The technically eligible alleged parent in the home who meets incapacity or unemployed parent criteria.The blood relationship to the child must be established.An alleged parent cannot be included in the AU if the child has a legal father.When an alleged parent of one or more children lives in the home with the childís other parent and their childís technically eligible half sibling(s), all siblings and both parents must be included in a single AU.


        Any eligible married or single minor who lives with or moves into the home with a Families First recipient caretaker parent who is receiving Families First for the minorís siblings cannot be a separate AU, but must be included in his/her parentís AU with his/her sibling(s).


-         A minor parentís child may be included or excluded from the major parentís AU depending on who is applying.


o  If the minor parent is applying for his/her child, the child must be included in the major parentís AU.

o  If the major parent is applying for the minor parent, the minor parentís child is an optional AU member.

o  If the minor parent moves into the home of the major parent and must be included in the AU with his/her siblings, the minorís child is optional.


Note: If the minor parent opts to exclude the child, the child cannot be eligible for a separate grant.


-         The income of a parent who is not a Families First recipient but with whom the minor parent resides is deemed to be available to the minor parent who requests Families First.


-         The income of the minorís spouse in the home must be considered available in its entirety to the minor (the AU which includes the minor).


-         The child of a minor must meet all Families First eligibility requirements if included in the AU.If both parents live in the home, one parent must be incapacitated or be an unemployed parent.


A minor parent who marries during the receipt of assistance may choose to exclude the new spouse from the AU for 3 full months, regardless of income.Following the 3 months, the AU must meet TANF eligibility requirements to continue to receive assistance.The count of the 3 months begins the month following the month of marriage. (Refer to Marriage During Receipt of Assistance.)



Table of Contents