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A parent or other caretaker relative of a child who receives SSI and the SSI child is the only child in the home may be included in the AU if:


·        The SSI child meets Families First technical eligibility requirements.


·        The parent/specified relative of the SSI child meets Families First income/resource eligibility criteria.


·        Both parents in the home with an SSI child may be included in a Families First AU if at least one parent is incapacitated or is an unemployed parent.


·        A stepparent may be included with the SSI child’s parent if the parent is incapacitated.


·        A specified relative (e.g. a grandparent) who meets requirements as a caretaker may receive Families First as caretaker of an SSI child.  The spouse of the caretaker relative is not eligible to be included in the AU.



Table of Contents