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The following individuals must be excluded from the AU


        Individuals (adults and children) who receive SSI benefits.


        Unenumerated individuals or any individual who does not meet a technical eligibility requirement.


        Individuals sanctioned for failure, without good cause, to cooperate with the minor parent school attendance requirement.


        Individuals disqualified for Intentional Program Violations.


        Individuals whose alien status does not meet eligibility requirements.


        Aliens who would be included but are ineligible due to the deemed income or resources of their sponsors, or due to sponsorship by an agency or organization.


        Individuals who have been sanctioned for failure to cooperate with Child Support (IV-D) or work requirement.


        Individuals who are convicted or who enter a guilty plea or plea of nolo contendere in a federal or state court for having made a fraudulent statement or representation with respect to the place of residence in order to receive assistance simultaneously from two or more states.


        Fleeing felons individuals who have knowledge that they are or could be wanted for a felony level criminal act and have taken or are in the process of taking action to avoid prosecution (see Procedures section for further discussion).


        Individuals who are convicted (under Federal or State law) of any felony offense which occurred after August 22, 1996 which has as an element of the offense the possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance, unless they meet the criteria listed in the Exceptions section in this chapter.


-       Individuals who are convicted of Class A felonies including the manufacture, possession, sale, or distribution of a controlled substance, are not eligible to be included in the grant under any circumstances.



Table of Contents