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Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependent Children




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The caseworker will explain to the applicants and recipients the requirements and rules of eligibility associated with ABAWDs.


On the AEIIT screen, an individual exemption code (if appropriate) is to be used even if the individual resides in an exempt county. If there is no individual exemption, then the county exemption code would be used (when appropriate). If the county lost its county exemption, the individualís code would remain the same but the individuals with the county code would have to be reviewed to determine ongoing eligibility.


The ABAWD individual will be shown on INFOPAC Report 578RA. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development uses this listing to contact the ABAWD participant to offer an interview and possible services. When information is received by DOLWD, the caseworker will take appropriate action and complete the documentation regarding the participant.


The caseworker will notify the household of a possible adverse action due to non-compliance and ask if there is a good cause for not participating.

Disqualification will be completed when necessary.


Glossary of Terms

Food Stamp Table of Contents