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Failure to Comply with Work Requirements




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This should be handled as follows:

(a)   When an individual who does not have good cause fails to cooperate with the Food Stamp work requirements, he/she should be disqualified. The caseworker will disqualify the individual by using the AEOIE screen in ACCENT. The appropriate dates and reason codes should be used. ACCENT provides a notice of disqualification to the household based upon the reason code given. ACCENT will also send a notice to the household when the disqualification has been completed.


(b)   The disqualification period shall begin with the first month following the expiration of the notice period, unless a fair hearing is requested. The sanctions for the disqualification are as follows:

1.      First Violation - one month or until compliance, whichever is later

2.      Second Violation - three months or until compliance whichever is later

3.      Third and Subsequent Violations six months or until compliance whichever is later.


(c)    Before applying the appropriate penalty, review the circumstances to determine if good cause exists, using the criteria in 1240-1-3-.45-(3). If good cause exists the individual continues to be eligible. If the individual does not have good cause, the penalty should be authorized. The ACCENT system will issue a Notice of Adverse Action to the household notifying them of the penalty.


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