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The home, its outbuildings, and surrounding property which is not separated from the home by intervening property owned by others is exempt. Public rights of way, such as roads which run through the surrounding property and separate it from the home, will not affect the exemption of the property. Outbuildings are structures such as barns, garages, sheds, etc., that are considered a part of the household’s residence. Other structures on the property, such as stores, houses and trailers, that are clearly not a part of the residence are resources unless exempt for some other reason.


The home, outbuildings, and surrounding property (regardless of location) will remain exempt when temporarily unoccupied for reasons of employment, training for future employment, illness or uninhabitabilty caused by casualty or natural disaster if the household intends to return. If the household does not already own a home, the value of a lot purchased to build a home on is excluded. If the new home is partially completed, the value of it is excluded.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents