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An authorized representative is an individual who has been designated by the household to act on behalf of the household.


The non-household member must meet the following criteria:


·        be an adult;

·        have been designated in writing by the head of household, the spouse, or another responsible household member; and

·        be sufficiently aware of relevant household circumstances to act in the household’s behalf.


An authorized representative may act on behalf of the household in any one or all of the following capacities:


1.      apply for the household;

2.      obtain the household’s Food Stamp benefits; and/or

3.      use the household’s Food Stamp benefits to purchase food for the household.


The authorized representative information must be recorded on the Authorized Representative Screen (AEFAR) in the ACCENT System. This information will be displayed on the IQAP Screen and authorized representative (AR) will be shown on the IQCP Screen.


Glossary of Terms



Making Application for the Household


1.      Allow a non-household member, acting as an authorized representative, to apply on behalf of the household when the head of household or spouse cannot apply.


2.      Inform the household that the head of household or spouse should complete or review the application, whenever possible.


3.      Allow the responsible household member or the authorized representative to complete the work registration and Employment and Training referral for those household members required to comply.


4.      Inform the household it will be held liable for any overissuance resulting from incorrect information given by the authorized representative, unless the household is participating in a drug or alcoholic treatment center.




Obtaining the Food Stamp Benefits


1.      The household may designate an authorized representative to obtain its food stamp benefits.


This does not have to be the same individual who was designated to make application for the household.


2.      Advise the household that such designation must be made at the time of certification.


Encourage the household to designate an authorized representative in case of illness, or other circumstances, which might result in an inability to obtain food stamp benefits.


3.      Procedure


To request a regular authorized representative for obtaining the household’s Food Stamp benefits,, a responsible household must:


(i)     be present at the interview and authorize an individual as the household’s authorized representative during the interview; or


(ii)   designate an authorized representative in writing.


Permit the household to alter its designation of an authorized representative at any time. This must be requested in writing by a responsible household member.


The Caseworker will need to complete the Authorized Representative Screen (AEFAR) in ACCENT.




Using the Food Stamp Benefits


An authorized representative may purchase food items for the household, using its food stamp benefits. This does not have to be the same individual as previously designated, nor does designation of this authorized representative have to be in writing.


However, the authorized representative must have the household’s EBT card and PIN with the full knowledge and consent of the household.


When the authorized representative is named on ACCENT and is authorized to use the benefits, he/she will receive his/her own EBT card and PIN.



Emergency Authorized Representative


An emergency authorized representative is used when neither a responsible household member nor the household’s regular authorized representative is able to obtain the food stamp benefits.




Disqualification of an Authorized Representative


1.      The Caseworker will disqualify an authorized representative when evidence is obtained that the authorized representative has:


                                      i.            knowingly misrepresented the household’s circumstances and intentionally provided false information concerning the household; or


                                    ii.            improperly used the household’s Food Stamp benefits.


Disqualify an authorized representative for any household, other than residents of a drug or alcoholic treatment center, for up to 1 year.


2.      Take the following steps when disqualification occurs:


                                      i.            Provide the household and the authorized representative with a written notice of disqualification.


The notice must contain the following information:


o   the proposed action;

o   the reason for the disqualification of the authorized representative;

o   the right to a fair hearing; and

o   the caseworker’s telephone number.


      ii.            Allow the household to designate another individual as its authorized representative, if it so desires.




Restrictions on Who May Be An Authorized Representative


Do not allow the household to designate any of the following individuals as an authorized representative:


1.      county office employees involved in the certification or issuance process;

2.      retailers who are authorized to accept Food Stamp benefits;

3.      individuals currently disqualified for an intentional program violation (IPV). (Once the disqualification period expires, such individuals may serve again as authorized representatives.); or

4.      homeless meal providers, as described in Section 1240-1-31-.04.


If the authorized representative must be either 1 through 3 above, because no one else is available to assume this role, first obtain the written approval of the District Supervisor or his/her designee.  (Homeless meal providers may not be authorized representatives for households under any circumstances.)



Food Stamp Table of Contents