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Every household must designate an individual as the head of household for case control and issuance purposes.


Certain households must be offered the option of selecting their head of household. The department shall allow the household to select an adult parent of children in the household as its head where all adult household members making application agree to the selection. If all adult members do not agree to the selection or decline to select, the department may designate the head of household or permit the household to make another selection. For households that do not consist of adult parents and children, the department shall designate the head of household or permit the household to do so. When the household declines to designate or cannot agree who is to be the head of the household, the department will designate the head of the household.


The household may designate its head of household at application and each time certified for participation. The household may not change the head of household during a certification period unless there is a change in the composition of the household.


Do not use the head of household classification to impose special requirements, such as requiring the head of household to file the application or to appear at the certification interview.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents