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Consider general assistance payments, pensions or other countable need based assistance payments, unless excluded, as unearned income. (Consider Cash Assistance and SSI payments as unearned income.)


When a Federal, state or local needs-based payment (such as SSI, AFDC/FF or Food Stamps) is reduced because of a household memberís failure to comply with the requirements of that program, the household may not receive an increase in food stamps because of this decrease in income.


Note:SSI will not be considered a means tested program as it relates to the penalty. The gross SSI amount less the recovery amount would be shown in ACCENT on the AEFMI screen.


1.†† The food stamp allotment of the household shall be reduced by 10% (percent) so long as the needs-based programís reduction is in effect. If the penalty in Cash Assistance is due to a work requirement and the Food Stamps has the same component and the individual is mandatory, then the appropriate penalty would be applied and not the 10% penalty (Refer to Section 1240-1-3-.45 for more information on this.).

2.†† If the needs-based payment case is closed due to the recipientís failure to comply, the food stamp allotment shall be reduced by 10% for a three month period.

3.†† Regardless of the number of violations in other needs-based programs, only one 10% reduction is applied to the food stamp allotment at one time.


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