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Definition of Income

Unearned Income




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Count annuities, pensions, retirement, veterans or disability benefits, Social Security benefits, military and Job Corps allotments, and other such pensions and benefits as unearned income.


Note:  A monthly fee collected from SSI payments by an organizational representative payee is legally obligated to the payee and is not counted as income to the recipient for the Food Stamp Program.  The organization must be a community based nonprofit social service agency.


Note: Social Security disability and Supplemental Security income payments based on drug addiction and/or alcoholism must be received through a representative payee and are subject to a fee for this service.  The amount of the fee that is withheld from the funds is not counted as income to the Social Security/SSI recipient. Retroactive installment payments which are made for two or more months are counted as income.


Glossary of Terms

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