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(a) Do not count the income of non-household members who have not been disqualified.This includes ineligible students, live-in attendants, roomers, and boarders who are not considered household members.


If a non-household member receives SSA, SSI and/or VA benefits on behalf of an eligible HH member, consider the income as available to the eligible HH member(s).


If a non-household member receives child support payments for the support of children who are eligible HH members, count the support payment as available to the children, if the children are identified in the court order.


If the court order does not stipulate for which children the child support is being paid, consider the income as belonging to the payee, and not to the children.


(b) Do not count monies received and used for the care and maintenance of a third party who is a non-household member.If the intended beneficiaries of a single payment are both HH and non-household members, do not count any identifiable portion of the payment intended and used for the care and maintenance of the non-household member.If the non-household memberís portion cannot be readily identifiable, prorate the payment evenly among intended beneficiaries.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents