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I.      What Is a Medical Deduction?




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Medical Deductions Supplement


Section B


(1)   General


In order to be eligible for a medical deduction, a household member must be either age 60 or older, or disabled.


Only household members who meet at least one of the eligibility criteria may receive the medical deduction.


If a person becomes age 60 during the initial month of certification, the medical expenses can be allowed beginning that month. If a person becomes age 60 later in the certification period, the medical expenses may be considered at that time.


If a household member is eligible for a medical deduction but does not claim any, document the case record that no medical expenses were claimed or subsequently reported.


(2)   SSI Essential Persons


Spouses and dependents who receive SSI benefits as SSI essential persons are not eligible for a medical deduction. They are, however, included in the household.


(3)   When An Application For SSI or Social Security Disability Has Been Made


A member of a currently certified household who is not age 60 or older may apply for SSI or Social Security disability. Do not allow a medical deduction until the individual actually receives an SSI or SSA disability check.


(4)   State Supplement


Individuals who receive State Supplement payments are not eligible for a medical deduction unless they also receive an SSI check.


(5)   Termination of SSI, SSA, or VA Benefits


Whenever SSI, SSA, or VA benefits are terminated, the household member is no longer entitled to the medical deduction unless he/she meets one of the other criteria.


If such benefits are resumed later, the individual will be entitled to the medical deduction again.


Glossary of Terms


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