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Treatment of Income – Budgeting

Income Of Resident Farm Laborers, Migrant Households, School Employees and Other Contractual Employees




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(a)   Stable Income - Single Employer


Farm Laborers whose primary source of income is from regular farm employment with the same employer are normally employed for the entire year and receive a regular monthly salary.


When the income is regular and does not vary from month to month, the monthly income figure will be used to determine the benefit level for the entire certification period.


(b)   Irregular Income - Single Employer


In some instances, the laborer is paid for work done only during the work season, but resides year round on the farm and may receive advance or deferred payments, (sometimes known as “furnish”), during the non-work season. Some difficulty may be experienced in assigning an income figure to the farm worker whose income is high during the work season and correspondingly low during the non-work season when income is only from advance or deferred payments.


(c)    Regular or Irregular - Multiple Employers


When a farmer laborer works regularly for more than one employer, the total income from all employers must be determined and then it is treated in the same manner as that received from a single employer. If work for multiple employers is irregular, the food stamp certification period should reflect actual income or a variable basis of issuance should be assigned.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents