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Destitute Households




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(1)   Non-Destitute Expedited Service Households


Determine eligibility and calculate benefit levels for all non-destitute households eligible for expedited service in the same manner as for any other household.


(2) Destitute Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Households


(a)   Determine eligibility and calculate benefit levels for households meeting the terminated source criteria, Section 1240-1-5-.04-(2), for the application month by considering only income received between the first of the month and the application date.


(b)   Disregard any income received after the application date for households meeting the new source criteria in Section 1240-1-5-.04-(3).


(c)    For households meeting both source criteria, Section 1240-1-5-.04-(4), consider the income if it is received between the first of the month and the application date; disregard any income received after the application date.


Exception – Travel Advances


Some employees provide travel advances to cover new employees’ travel costs when new employees must travel to the new employment location. To the extent that travel advances are excluded as reimbursements, they will not be considered as income and will not affect the destitute household determination. However, travel advances designated by written contract as a wage advance, to be subtracted from wages earned later by the employee, must be considered as income. In addition, the receipt of a wage advance for a new employee’s travel costs will not affect the determination of whether subsequent payments from the employer are from a new source of income, or whether a household is considered destitute.


Example:  Mr. Johnson applies on May 10 and has received a $50 advance for travel from his new employer on May 1, which by written contract is an advance on wages. He will not receive any other wages from the employer until May 30, and his household has no other source of income. Consider the household destitute. Disregard the May 30 payment, but count the wage advance received prior to the date of application.


(d)    The income procedures for destitute households apply to initial application and at recertification, but only for the first month of each certification period. At recertification, disregard income from a new source in the first month new certification period if income of more than $25 will not be received from this new source by the 10th calendar day after the household’s normal issuance date.


Example:  At recertification on June 5, the migrant household states that the household’s only source of income from an apple grower was terminated on June 4 and the last paycheck was received on that date. The household expects to receive a check from a new grower on July 16, which is more than 10 days after the household’s issuance date. Disregard the check from the new source in July.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents