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(a)   Terminated income source is defined as follows:


1.      income that was received prior to the date of application from a terminated source; and

2.      income that is received monthly or more frequently will not be received again from the same source in the month of application or in the month following application; or

3.      income that is normally received less often than monthly will not be received in the month the next payment is normally received.


(b)   Destitute households to whom terminated income source provisions apply include migrant households which have received their last wages from a grower, or seasonal farmworkers who have received their last wages for a crop season. Such households are provided expedited services because they may be without income for some time, and may not be able to wait as long as 30 days for food assistance.


Example:   A migrant farmworker household’s only source of income is from picking peaches for a grower. The household has no liquid resources and receives its last check from the peach grower in the amount of $270.00 on July 10, when the job is completed. The household applies for food stamps on July 12. The members will not be returning to work for this grower during the application month or the following month. The household is destitute and eligible for expedited service.


Note:  When determining whether the household will receive more income from the same source during the balance of the application month or during the following month, follow the guidelines in Section 1240-1-4-.17-(5).


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Food Stamp Table of Contents