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(a)   Households consisting entirely of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Families First (FF) recipients are categorically eligible for Food Stamps. Consider individuals as SSI or FF recipients when they are:


        receiving a Families First or Supplemental Security Income cash assistance; or


        eligible for FF or SSI payments, but the payments are being recouped or suspended; or


        approved for FF, but do not receive a payment because the grant amount is less than $10.


(b)   Households consisting entirely of individuals eligible for or receiving Family Services Counseling or approved for a First Wheels loan. CE status on this basis applies as long as the CE individual is eligible for the Families First extended services. This extended categorical eligibility applies only when the Families First aid group is closed for cash.


        Family Services Counseling It is not necessary for the AG to actually receive FSC services (such as post employment services). The qualifying factor is that the AG is eligible to receive FSC after the AG is closed for cash assistance.


        First Wheels An AG member must actually be eligible for and approved for a First Wheels loan.


The Food Stamp household can qualify for CE for either reason if the household members were included in the Families First grant or were individuals from whom income was deemed and counted in the grant at the time of the closure. If there was a deeming parent of a minor parent or a deeming stepparent to a FF aid group prior to the AGs closure, that person will be treated as if he/she had been an EA in the FF assistance group.


(c)    Households containing a combination of individuals eligible under (a) and (b) above.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents