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The Department of Human Services in Tennessee, in accordance with the laws of this State and the Federal statutes pertaining to this subject, has adopted the policy of maintaining the confidential nature of Family Assistance information.This same policy applies to all case records, whether Family Assistance or otherwise.The regulations of the Department are directed to the objectives of:


(a)   Developing a relationship of confidence between the Department and the Applicant/Recipient.


(b)   Defining and protecting the rights of applicants through safeguards against:


1.      Identification of such individuals as a special group.

2.      Exploitation of this group for commercial, personal or political purposes.

3.      Making information available solely as a basis for prosecution and other proceedings or at the direction of the departmentís office of General Counsel.


(c)    Providing a basis for recognition by the Court of the right of the Department to protect its records.


(d)   Developing a relationship of confidence between the Department and the public at large, by protecting information made available to the Department by representatives of the public and utilizing such information only for the purpose of the proper functioning of the Departmentís programs.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents