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For purposes of this section, SSI is defined as Federal SSI payments made under Title XVI of the Social Security Act, federally administered optional supplemental payments under Section 1616 of that act, or federally administered mandatory supplementary payments under 212 (a) of Public Law 93-66.  Pure SSI households are those households in which all members are applying for or are participating in SSI.


Joint processing of food stamp applications at the SSA Office will be limited to pure SSI households; that is, households in which all members are applicants for, or recipients of SSI, and who are neither certified for food stamps nor have applied for food stamps within the past 30 days and do not have a food stamp application pending.  These households’ food stamp eligibility and benefit levels will be based solely on food stamp eligibility criteria in accordance with the notice, procedural and timeliness requirements of the Food Stamp Act of 1977 and its implementing regulations.  The county office must make an eligibility determination based on information provided by SSA and/or by the household.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents