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In the eligibility determination process in Family Assistance, interviewing plays a vital role in applicant, recipient, and agency communication.  Despite more reliance on communication by means of forms and electronic media such as the ACCENT system, email, fax transmissions, etc., interviewing retains its prime importance in bringing about understanding of the program and of responsibilities under it.  Interviews provide opportunities for the applicant/recipient to communicate with agency staff on a face-to-face or wire-to-wire (in the case of telephone interviews) basis.


The skillful use of interviews for communication, whether face-to-face or over the telephone, can reap benefits for both the applicant/recipient and the agency.  Skillful interviewing serves as a means of obtaining accurate, reliable information that the applicant has or can make available.  Interviewing can also be a way for the applicant to learn the agency is concerned about people and wants to deal with them positively and equitably.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents