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(1)   While the applicant/recipient has primary responsibility for obtaining needed verification, there will be situations when the caseworker will need to assist and/or assume the responsibility.  For example, when the household does not have the funds and/or capability to send out-of-state for documents needed to establish eligibility or when the household’s family documents have been destroyed in a disaster.  The applicant/recipient is expected to pay for needed documents if at all possible; however, if (s)he cannot, the Department is authorized to pay the required fee.


In these situations, the worker may need to contact one or more agencies either in or out-of-state.  The Department can pay for verification documents for birth, death, marriage, or divorce, providing the following steps are followed:


(a) Complete Form (3530), HS-0348 Verification of Birth or Death and/or Form (2680), HS-0794, Application for Confidential Verification of Marriage/Divorce.


(b) Include the following on the form:


1.  County Office and Address (DHS)

2.  Case ID number

3.  Program (FS, AFDC, or MN)

4.  State where record is located

5. State agency address and fee amount, if known.


(c) Mail to:  Tennessee Department of Human Services

Fiscal Services Section, Fifth Floor

400 Deaderick Street

Nashville, Tn. 37248-3500


Bureau of Vital Records agencies provide information on birth records of persons born in that state.  Birth record information for persons born in Tennessee is available on Clearinghouse.  This system should always be the first source of information about Tennessee born individuals.


(2)    The following provides specific information on other agencies procedures for requesting free information:


(a) Veterans Service Officers:  The Veteran’s “C” number of “CCS” number should always be included in any inquiries to the Veterans Administration.


(d) SOLQ - For Social Security Benefits Or SSI Benefits (SSA/SSI):  If documentary evidence of Social Security benefits is not readily available from the applicant, the worker may verify the income through SOLQ.



Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents