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Timeliness Standards




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(1)   Expedited Applications


In cases where a household’s application is approved on an expedited basis without verification and the application indicates the household is eligible in subsequent months the approval notice will explain that the household must complete the verification requirements that were postponed before further benefits will be issued.


If the caseworker has elected to assign a longer certification period to some households certified on an expedited basis, the notice also will explain the special conditions of the longer certification period and the consequences of failure to provide the postponed verification.


(2)   Notice for Recertification 


Households that have filed an application by the 15th of the last month of their certification period and who have kept their scheduled interview appointment on or after their application date will receive a notice regarding eligibility or ineligibility by the end of the current certification period.  The caseworker will provide households that have received a notice of expiration at the time of certification and have timely reapplied with a notice of eligibility or a notice of denial not later than 30 days after the date the household received its last allotment. 


(3)   Providing Notice of Denial to an Ineligible Food Stamp Household


Each HH denied eligibility shall be provided a notice of denial which explains:


(a)   The basis for the denial, including specific rule number used as the basis of denial;

(b)   The HH’s right to request a fair hearing;

(c)    The telephone number of the DHS office;

(d)   The name of the person to contact for additional information;

(e)   The availability and telephone number in their area of the organization that provides free legal representation; and

(f)     The right to reapply anytime.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents