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At each certification, recertification, ands reported change, inform the household that it must report changes either within 10 days of the date they become known, or in the case of Simplified Reporting, within the first 10 days of the month following the month the change occurred.


(a)   When a change is Reported:


1.      take action within the prescribed timeframes to determine whether the change will affect the household’s  eligibility or benefit amount;


2.      document the reported change in the case record to reflect either the date the county office received the Change Report Form if hand-delivered or the date of the postmark if received through the mail, or the date the county was informed of the changes by telephone or in person;


3.      provide another Change Report Form and postage paid envelope to the household ; and


4.      authorize the change on ACCENT.  ACCENT will automatically notify the household of how the change affected its eligibility or benefit amount (no change; increase; decrease; closure).


(b)   Under no circumstances will food stamp benefits be increased when a household reports a decrease in income from a Federal, State, or local welfare program resulting from the household’s intentional failure to comply with the other program’s requirements.  The other program must be means-tested, and must distribute publicly funded benefits such as, but not limited to Families First and general assistance.


(c)    Whenever a household reports such a decrease in income, the following procedures must be used:


1.      identify that portion of the decrease in income attributed to the repayment of an overissuance resulting from the household’s intentional failure; and


2.      calculate the food stamp benefits using the benefit amount which would be used by that program if no penalty had been deducted from the recipient’s income.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents