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Food Stamp Online  Policy Manual




Food Stamp Table of Contents


(1)   Tennessee issues all food stamp benefits through an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) system.  These electronic benefits are directly deposited into a unique account created for the specific food stamp case/cat/seq.  There are no paper coupons or other form of currency issued that could be destroyed in a disaster, so benefits that are lost, destroyed or stolen are only lost, destroyed or stolen after the household has taken possession of the benefits; therefore, lost or stolen allotments are not replaced.  Only food destroyed or spoiled in a disaster may be replaced.


Only food destroyed or spoiled in a household misfortune may be replaced. This can include power outages (12 hours or more), fire, wind, flood or other misfortune. This would not include power turned off due to non‐payment.  These replacements would not require State Office approval prior to issuing these benefits.


(2)    Access to the EBT account is only via the Benefit Security Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN), which are issued separately from locations remote from the state.  See the Benefit Issuance Manual for detailed information on card and PIN issuance and replacement.


(3)    Replacement of Food Destroyed in a Disaster/Household Misfortune


When food purchased with food stamps is destroyed in a disaster/household misfortune affecting a participating household, the household may be eligible for replacement of the actual value of loss, as follows:


(a)     The value replaced shall not exceed one month’s food stamp allotment.


(b)    The loss must be reported within 10 calendar days of the incident.


(c)     The worker shall verify the disaster/household misfortune through:


1.    a collateral contact,


2.    a community organization such as the Fire Department or the Red Cross, or


3.    a home visit.


(d)    If the household meets the above criteria, the household shall be provided a replacement allotment within 10 calendar days of the reported loss.


(e)     Replacement of food destroyed in a disaster/household misfortune shall be made, subject to the above criteria, in cases of an individual household misfortune, such as fire or power outages of 12 hours or more, as well as in natural disasters which could affect more than one households.


(f)     FNS Declared Disasters


Replacements are still issued by the county without state office approval.  In cases where FNS has issued a disaster declaration, the household will have different budgets and conditions of eligibility for disaster benefits.  Special determination and process will be developed in a Declared disaster.  State Office will issue Instructions in these type disaster benefits.

Glossary of Terms

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Food Stamp Table of Contents

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