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Certified households, with the exception specified at 1240-1-19-.04(2), are required to report only the following within 10 days of the date the change becomes known to the household:


(a)   Changes in the source or amount of gross monthly unearned income of more than $25, except changes in Families First.


(b)   Changes in earned income when there is a change in the source, hourly rate or salary or the employment status.


(c)    Work registration a change in work registration status of any household member in accordance with Section 1240-1-3-.43.


(d)   When cash on hand, stocks, bonds, and money in a bank account or savings institution reaches or exceeds the allowable limit. (Refer to Section 1240-1-4).


(e)   Acquisition of a vehicle.


(f)     All changes in household composition.


(g)   Changes in residence.


Glossary of Terms


Food Stamp Table of Contents