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It is the county office’s responsibility to establish that meal providers wanting FNS authorization to accept Food Stamp benefits are serving meals to the homeless.  The meal provider or FNS will contact the county office to substantiate that the provider serves meals to the homeless.


Each county may appoint one caseworker to be responsible for determining that establishments serve meals to the homeless.  The caseworker can verify that the establishment serves meals to the homeless through an on-site visit to the establishment.


Upon approval of the establishment, complete a statement to that affect, in duplicate.  Give one copy of the statement to the establishment for submittal to FNS as part of the application process for accepting benefits.  Keep one copy in the county.


No further action is required unless the provider stops providing meals to the homeless.  If this occurs, the caseworker should report to the local FNS official that the establishment is no longer serving meals to the homeless.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents