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1240-1-3-.15 (3)

(a)   Complete an Application for Social Security Number (SS-5) through Section 14.


Note:Under this procedure, the SSA will complete the section reserved for their use except for the NPN section. The DHS representative is responsible for annotating the individualís identification number in the NPN section. All SS-5ís transmitted to the SSA must contain the individualís identification number.


(b)   Review the SS-5 with the individual for correctness.


(c)    Place the individualís SS-5 and evidence of identity, age, and citizenship or alien status in a secure envelope with the personís name and address written on it. A separate envelope is required for each SS-5 and evidence.


Note:Only the original documents, not photocopies, are acceptable. Refer to the Enumeration Manual for types of acceptable evidence.


(d)   Complete an Enumeration Transmittal Sheet and copy for each SS-5.


(e)   File the copy of the SS-5, copies of evidence, and the Enumeration Transmittal Sheet and document on AEIIA.


(f)     Staple the envelope containing the SS-5 and the original documents to the Enumeration Transmittal Sheet and route them through the countyís designated central control point.††††


(g)   Record each Enumeration Transmittal Sheet with identifying information on a central control log. The log will serve as the countyís record of SS-5ís submitted and certified by the SSA. Each county is responsible for developing its own log.


(h)   Transmit all SS-5ís and evidence daily via the Enumeration Transmittal Sheet to the SSA District Office which serves the county.


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Food Stamp Table of Contents