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Work Requirements




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 (a)    At application, recertification, and when an individual is registered for work during the certification period, the caseworker will explain the work requirements, including the household’s rights and responsibilities and the consequences of failure to comply.


(b)    The individual will be appropriately coded on the work program screen (AEIWP).


(c)     The caseworker will complete a referral to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) for the voluntary and mandatory participant once every twelve months.


(d)    Appropriate action and documentation will be completed upon receipt of information from DOLWD regarding the participant.


(e)     The caseworker must deregister an individual from work registration when:


·        was registered but later the application was actually denied;

·        has a work program sanction or fails to comply with a work program requirement;

·        obtains a job;

·        leaves assistance; or

·        becomes exempt


Glossary of Terms

Food Stamp Table of Contents