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Child Support Guidelines

General Documentation
The links below will take you to various documents related to the new Income Shares Guidelines.

A FREE AUTOMATED CALCULATOR IS AVAILABLE. THE CALCULATOR DRAMATICALLY DECREASES THE TIME IT TAKES TO DETERMINE CHILD SUPPORT ORDERS UNDER THE NEW Guidelines (from approximately 25 minutes to two minutes to calculate an order once the fields are filled in).  Click HERE to go to our "Downloads" page...

The complete text of Tennessee's new Income Shares Child Support Guidelines, effective July 22, 2008.
  Guidelines Subsections
  Child Support Worksheet Instructions
Detailed instructions for using the Child Support Worksheet to calculate a child support obligation.
  Child Support Worksheet
The worksheet to be used by both parents for calculation of all child support obligations.
  Credit Worksheet Instructions
Detailed instructions for using the Credit Worksheet to calculate the credits against gross income available to either parent for the support provided to other children for whom the parent is legally responsible.
  Credit Worksheet
The worksheet to be used by both parents, as appropriate, for calculating the amount to be used on the Child Support Worksheet as a credit against gross income for support provided to other children.
Child Support Schedule
A chart, to be used in all child support cases, which displays the dollar amount of child support obligations corresponding to various levels of combined adjusted gross income of the children’s parents and the number of children for whom a child support order is being established or modified.


The definitions of the most commonly used Income Shares terminology.