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Inspector General



  • If you are currently participating in the Tennessee Food Stamp Program, we can
    reduce your benefits to repay this debt. Otherwise, we can negotiate a reduced
    cash payment amount.
  • Your claim must be classified as a Food Stamp Agency Error claim.
  • Please refer to the below criteria to determine if you are eligible for the reduction.

Criteria for Consideration of a Reduction/Waiver of Repayment on Food Stamp Over Issuances Caused By Agency Error (AE)

I. Households that may be eligible for waiver:

A. For participating households (currently receiving benefits)

1. If your monthly issuance is $109 or less, repayment may be waived.
2. If your monthly issuance is $110 or more, the balance of the claim may be waived
after withholding of $11 per month for three years.

B. For non-participating households (not currently receiving benefits)

1. For households with income 200% of the poverty income guidelines or less, an AE over-issuance may be waived after payment of $396 on the over-issuance (based on payment of $11 per month for three years).
2. For households with income over 200% of the poverty income guideline, the AE over-issuance shall be unpaid by an amount equal to 36 monthly payments of 1% of its gross income. The remaining balance of the over-issuance after repayment of the above may be waived.

C. If a household becomes more than 90 days in default on a payment in the payment
agreement, the over-issuance will be subject to recovery under the usual collection


D. If the household has special circumstances preventing the household from making the
payments described above, such as large medical or other necessary expenses,
waivers may be granted by the Food Stamp Director and the Director of Investigation

II. Households may request waiver from their local DHS Investigation Office.
III. Notice of the right to request waiver will be printed on each notice of over issuance and
request for repayment.

IV. Any over issuance is subject to recoupment if the household wins the lottery.
Click the following link to access the waiver request form: Click here. Please
print and complete the form and submit it to your local DHS Investigation office.


Waiver request form: Please print and complete the form and submit it to your local DHS Investigation office.