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Rules and Regulations

Government Operations Committee

After rules are filed, they are reviewed by the General Assembly’s joint Government Operations Committee (GOC) which is composed of members of both the House and the Senate Government Operations Committees.

The GOC may express its disapproval of a rule which fails to satisfy any or all of certain statutory criteria by voting to allow the rule or rules to expire upon its or their established expiration date or by voting to request the agency to repeal, amend or withdraw this rule before such established expiration date.

In the event an agency fails to comply with the committee's request to repeal, amend or withdraw a rule within a reasonable time and before the established expiration date, the committee may vote to request the general assembly, by legislative enactment, to allow the rule to expire by not enacting legislation to make the rule permanent, or alter or eliminate the rule or to suspend any or all of the agency's rulemaking authority or with respect to any particular subject matter by legislative enactment of a law.

June 17, 2015 – Chapters 1240-01-47 and 1240-01-49, TANF Diversion / Personal Responsibility Plan

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