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Rules and Regulations

The Tennessee Department of Human Services administers more than 20 different types of programs to assist the state’s most vulnerable citizens. Our programs are required to conform to federal and state laws. Rules are written to ensure that the public is made aware of how these programs work. Public hearings are required when DHS writes new or changes existing rules. The rulemaking hearings provide a forum to receive and collect comments from the public on proposed rules or amendments to rules. The final language may differ from the proposed language

To learn about the Department’s Permanent Rules, click here.

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To read about Emergency Rules, click here.

To read about Permanent Rules or Amendments to Rules that will become effective in 90 days or less, click here.

To read about Proposed Rules, click here.

To read about Rules that have been Stayed or Withdrawn, click here.

To find out about DHS Rules before the Government Operations Committee, click here.